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New: Introducing Quick Start Texting

September 27th, 2023

Registering for a local (10DLC) or toll-free phone number allows you to send SMS and MMS texts from numbers approved for large-scale sending and enhanced deliverability. But the registration process with the mobile carriers can ultimately require a few days to complete.

We know that even a single business day of delay can make a transformative difference for your work. That’s why, for a limited time, we’re introducing a new “Quick Start” path for those with an urgent need to begin texting right away.

When you send texts from Scale to Win, they typically come from registered phone numbers. We offer both 10DLC phone numbers, or phone numbers with local area codes like 212-555-5555, and toll-free phone numbers with 833 or 844 area codes, like 833-555-5555

With our “Quick Start” option, get immediate access to unregistered local phone numbers for up to two weeks at the rate of 3 cents per SMS segment and 6.5 cents per MMS message (an extra cent per SMS segment and one and a half cents per MMS message). 

The two week, “Quick Start” period gives you plenty of time to register for verified local (10DLC) or toll-free (833 or 844 area code) phone numbers. Once your registration is approved, your temporary numbers will be removed. Your billing will be adjusted to standard pricing moving forward. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for your account here and check “Sign me up for Quick Start texting”.

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