About Us

Scale to Win was founded in 2020 by organizers, for organizers. Our team has led organizing programs for the Biden/Harris, Bernie 2020, Warren 2020, Bernie 2016, and Hillary for America Presidential campaigns, as well as for congressional, state, and local campaigns across the country.

We’re organizers who believe in organizing. We believe that conversations, neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, volunteer to voter, is the way our movement wins.

We’ve organized some of the largest voter contact programs in politics and we’ve built the tools to power those programs. Our team has built volunteer programs to make hundreds of millions of calls, and send nearly a billion texts. We know that organizers can’t be our most impactful without the most impactful tools.

We spent the 2020 presidential cycle building add ons and features to make the existing organizing tools on the market work for the large scale organizing programs we ran, frustrated that there weren’t reliable, cost effective organizing tools on the market that worked as hard as organizers do.

So now, we’re building Scale to Win to make sure progressives everywhere have the high quality, reliable, and cost effective tools we need.

Because the last thing organizers should have to worry about is the quality of their tools.

Our Company

Scale to Win is owned by the workers who build it every day. We practice democracy at work, where decisions that impact all of us are made by all of us. Our company is collectively owned and collectively governed, with profits shared by members.

We’re a group of distributed organizers, technologists, former journalists, operations specialists, and more, all committed to building a company to make the progressive community we’re so proud to be a part of better than we found it.

Our Clients

We work with progressive change makers. We work with Democratic and progressive candidates, non-profit organizations, higher ed institutions, labor unions, and more.

We’re building our tools to help advance a vision of a more just world, and we reserve the right to decline to work with candidates and organizations who don’t live up to our progressive values.

We’re proud to support the work of our more than 400 progressive clients, and work every day to build our tools to support their incredible work.