Texting at scale, for a fraction of the price.
Scale to Win sent over 100 million texts during the 2020 cycle, and we did so with 100% uptime.
Hey Jesse! It’s Maria with Big Movement Organizing. We have a big weekend of action coming up, and we’d love to have you there. Our zoom training starts at 2pm. Will you join us?
Yes, actually. That’s perfect!
Great. Here’s a link to join: zoom.us/bigmovement.
Thank you. Excited to see you there!
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Your message.
Seen like never before.
Only 10% of phone calls are even answered.
20% of emails are opened after 24 hours.
Nearly 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes.
How we’re different
At Scale to Win, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank for a texting platform that is reliable, secure, and packed with crucial features that help get your message out, fast.
How It Works
Step 1
Upload the people you’ll text.
Step 2
Design your texting campaign.
Step 3
Have conversations real fast!
Texting with Spoke
There’s a reason campaigns from the presidential level, to US Senate and House, all the way to city council are switching to Spoke; it’s fast, reliable, and a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It’s also 💯 mobile friendly!
How our clients use peer‑to‑peer texting to amplify their message
Get Out The Vote
Event Recruitment
Fundraising Deadlines
Rapid Response
"Scale to Win made it possible for our small team to send millions of texts in just over a month. Robust assignment management features made it a breeze to powersend while also giving us the tools to ensure everyone got a timely reply. Cole and the team were highly responsive to our needs, providing an intuitive, reliable user experience. We loved the benefits of a professionally hosted Spoke, including automated opt outs, overlap management, dynamic assignment, MMS, searchable messages, and swift campaign launches."
Carolina Malagon
Carolina Malagon
Texting Director
Jon Ossoff for Senate
"Scale to Win was a great partner in supplementing our capacity to support our endorsed candidates with the peer to peer texting services they needed at a price that was affordable to grassroots, people-powered campaigns. They were responsive vendors, easy to work with, and accommodated many new campaigns at the height of the 2020 General Election."
Photo of Hannah Fertig
Hannah Fertig
Director of Mobilization
Working Families Party
"Texting was a key form of voter outreach for Flip the West during the 2020 election cycle, and I could not be more pleased with Scale to Win. Both the product and the people were fantastic to work with, and helped us ensure a top-notch volunteer experience. We look forward to working with them in the future."
Photo of Ronnie Cohen
Ronnie Cohen
Executive Director
Flip the West
High rates, few services
Peer-to-peer without breaking the bank
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