Scale to Win – Conversations at scale, for a fraction of the price.
Logo of Democracy For America
"The whole Scale to Win crew have been essential to Democracy for America's powerhouse voter contact operation this cycle - one of the most responsive, nimble, energetic campaign teams I've had the joy to work with, they drew on their great breadth of electoral expertise, trained our staff, created strong list and script management systems, and overall built a toolset that rapidly unleashed our grassroots leaders to text voters at scale via an intuitive, user-friendly interface - all at an astonishingly cost-effective price point."
Photo of Annie Weinberg
Annie Weinberg
Electoral Director, Democracy for America
"Scale to Win has been an essential part of running the largest voter contact program in Texas history. STW's texting services, particularly Blast P2P, have allowed us to send tens of millions of texts in a short period of time. The STW dialer has significantly reduced the amount of staff labor required to manage our calling program compared to other autodialers, and our volunteers have found the UI to be intuitive and easy to use.

What really sets STW apart, though, is its exceptional customer service. The STW team answers all of our questions so quickly at all hours of the day and night, and have been responsive to our needs and feedback when making updates to their tools. I highly recommend STW to any programs doing voter contact at scale."
Katherine Fischer
Deputy Campaign Manager, Beto for Texas
Logo of Flip The West
"Texting was a key form of voter outreach for Flip the West during the 2020 election cycle, and I could not be more pleased with Scale to Win. Both the product and the people were fantastic to work with, and helped us ensure a top-notch volunteer experience. We look forward to working with them in the future."
Photo of Ronnie Cohen
Ronnie Cohen
Executive Director, Flip the West
Logo of the Working Families Party
"Scale to Win was a great partner in supplementing our capacity to support our endorsed candidates with the peer to peer texting services they needed at a price that was affordable to grassroots, people-powered campaigns. They were responsive vendors, easy to work with, and accommodated many new campaigns at the height of the 2020 General Election."
Photo of Hannah Fertig
Hannah Fertig
Director of Mobilization, Working Families Party
Logo of the Black Male Voter Project
"Black Male Voter Project has worked with Scale to Win to send more than 1 million text messages in less than two weeks. They respond quickly to any questions we have, provide excellent training, and have gone above and beyond to anticipate what we need next to keep our texting program on track. Their pricing model makes reaching more voters an attainable goal."
Photo of Mondale Robinson
Mondale Robinson
Black Male Voter Project
"The Scale to Win team’s fantastic customer support and unmatched reliability made them a great partner for our team. Their platform's functionality and segmentation capabilities helped us reach our campaign's supporters with lightning speed with the best deliverability. Campaigns looking to build big, scalable programs should absolutely use Scale to Win."
Justin Jenkins
Deputy Campaign Manager, Mark Kelly for Senate
“The Scale to Win team has been fantastic partners for Team Fetterman. Their blast mode texting feature and awesome deliverability helped us scale our fundraising program to unprecedented heights and the Scale to Win Dialer was incredibly easy to use for our volunteers and a major part of our voter turnout operation.”
Sophie Ota
Digital Director, John Fetterman for US Senate