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Coming in soon: the new Scale to Win texting platform

May 2nd, 2024

Since 2020, Scale to Win has become the most trusted name in Democratic and progressive texting. More than 2,500 campaigns, non-profits, unions, and other clients have used Scale to Win to send over two billion messages.

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In early 2024, Scale to Win will release our new, next-generation platform to centralize all your texting needs. With support for shortcode in addition to local (10DLC) and toll-free messaging, now, you can manage your entire texting program from a single tool — with best-in-class features for organizers, fundraisers, and more.

New features include:

  • Shortcode support. New shortcode support with automatic message followup for your text recipients. Use automatic responses to handle inbound messages, or deploy your texters to engage in conversational peer-to-peer followup.
  • Direct ActBlue integration and ROI tracking. Use our new ActBlue integration for list uploads, targeted segmentation, and detailed reporting. Load texting lists directly from ActBlue based on donor status. Track conversions, one-time and recurring donations, dollars raised, and estimated campaign costs by campaign and subaccount. Analyze ROI across multiple variants of your script and automatically send your highest-performing script to your full list.
  • Link tracking. Get in-depth analytics on the contacts who’ve clicked the links in your message. Launch follow-up campaigns based on click status. Retarget your link-clicking contacts to maximize fundraising ROI, to remind supporters who clicked an event invitation link, and more. Bring your own custom link tracking domain(s) or set up a new custom tracking domain unique for your text messaging with us.
  • Liquid Support. Easily set fallbacks or create additional customization within your script fields. Use Liquid support to default to addressing a text to “friend” if you don’t have a name on file for a contact, specify custom asks for a donation amount, or direct a supporter to their nearest volunteer event, for example.
  • Dramatic texting speed increases. Major new investments in our platform infrastructure combined with our deep industry relationships mean you can send messages faster than ever before. With the ability to send up to 700,000 messages per hour out of the box, you’ll blaze through your texting campaigns. And if you’re planning to send several million messages per day, you can reach out to our client success team to send upwards of 2 million messages per hour.
  • Spanish language texter UI. Our new tool offers a texter interface in both English and Spanish, enabling your texters to conduct outreach exclusively in Spanish.

We’ve also added updates to key features our clients rely on — integrations with EveryAction and Action Kit for easy data capture, syncs with BigQuery and S3 for custom reporting, deliverability protection features, suppressions management, 10DLC phone number selection, message thread review, usage reporting, and subaccount management, just to name a few highlights. 

And of course, this all comes with the unparalleled stability and client support you’ve come to expect from Scale to Win.

Whether you’re an individual staffer tasked with a huge rapid response campaign or part of a multi-member organizing team getting out the vote, use our new platform across shortcode, toll-free, and local 10DLC phone numbers to automate messaging flows and engage individuals in conversation – all from one central, reliable place.

Stay tuned! We’ll be offering special discounted pricing with the new Scale to Win texting platform to help you reach your contacts at new, uniquely affordable rates.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve built. 

UPDATE: Exciting news! Scale to Win is ready for beta testers. Sign up using this form to get a demo of the new tool, learn about all the amazing new features, and get access to special discount pricing.

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