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STW Blast Mode

October 21st, 2022

The Scale to Win team is proud to announce a major new feature to Scale to Win Spoke, the most used P2P texting platform for Democrats and progressives: Blast Mode.

Now instead of sending out messages one at a time, texting admins can message their entire list at once using Blast Mode.

Whether you’re sending MMS messages containing rich video and imagery or SMS messages to drive action, to 1000 or 1,000,000 contacts, you can now message your entire list with unparalleled speed.

With Blast Mode, admins can: 

  • Preview the message to be sent
  • Schedule their messages to go out at a specific time 
  • Send a portion of their messages
  • Send all of their messages at once

Use Blast Mode’s send portion feature to test several competing scripts in order to determine the very best fundraising or persuasive script, then schedule the winning message to go wide to your campaign’s list around a key moment.

Unlike other texting providers, Scale to Win Blast Mode offers best in class deliverability protection. If a high percentage of your texts sent via Blast Mode are being filtered or are experiencing other types of message failures, we’ll automatically pause your campaign to allow you to troubleshoot or contact Scale to Win support, saving you time and money while ensuring the best deliverability possible.

View of a blast send campaign that was autopaused due to a high error rate.

And when contacts reply to your message, admins can simply use that campaign’s “Reply Management” link to allow texters to request batches of replies.

View of the “Reply Management” link

Of course, Blast Mode comes with all of the same features and deliverability advantages you’ve come to expect from Scale to Win to support best in class conversational messaging engagement. Texters can still select from pre-written responses, tag contacts, add notes, and sync information back to NGP / VAN in real time, all to support conversations at unprecedented scale.

To enable Blast Mode, an Owner of the account simply needs to visit the Settings page, where they’ll see an option to accept the Blast Mode addendum terms and enable Blast Mode for their team (subaccount).

Under Settings > Options, you’ll find the toggle to enable Blast Send.

Note that this feature is enabled at the team level, so you have the option to choose to enable Blast Mode for some teams but not others. However, once enabled, all campaigns in that specific team will utilize Blast Mode. If you wish, the Scale to Win support team can help you set up multiple teams to facilitate the use of Blast Mode and our classic P2P offering.

While today is the first day that all Scale to Win clients can opt into using Blast Mode, we’re grateful to have had campaigns, non-profits, and electoral organizations help in rigorous beta testing of our product. Blast Mode has already been used extensively by US Senate, Gubernatorial, state and local candidates, and races up and down the ballot, as well as many of the groups that support them.

Above, a partial list of clients who’ve beta tested Blast Mode.

We’re grateful for all of the early testing to help make the development of this feature a success.

We can’t wait to support your campaign or organization’s use of Blast Mode.

If you’re a current client with additional questions, please feel free to book a time to discuss Blast Mode with our support team directly. If you’re a prospective new client interested in using Scale to Win texting, you can book a demo of our tools here to see Blast Mode in action.

Happy texting!

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